Day 3548: Still alive

Despite the many close calls I’ve had since I was born in 1953 with a very unusual heart, I’m still alive to blog another day and to share my latest images with you.


Tomorrow (which is National Talk Like a Pirate and National Butterscotch Day), this wife will be working from home providing psychotherapy for people who are still alive. (Usually I’m in-person at the hospital on Mondays, but since I’m still alive after my T.I.A. last week, staying home seems like the smart thing to do.) Because my love of group therapy is still alive, my plan is to keep doing this work for as long as I’m still alive.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “still alive.“


As long as I’m still alive, I’ll be expressing gratitude for YOU.

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20 thoughts on “Day 3548: Still alive

  1. So glad that you are ok and home and safe, Ann!

  2. So, the problem with “deader than a cell phone that’s lost power” is that it implies that it can come alive again by adding power, which, of course, brings up images of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab – “It’s Alive!” Anyway, glad the doctors were able to “add power” to make sure you are alive and that you are back in MA in one piece.
    How about “deader than Jerry Garcia”?

  3. I am glad that you are alive, Ann. Thank you for being you, and for just being

  4. I love your plane photo and your never plain photos, Ann.

  5. Debbie T

    Yay for being alive!

  6. When I have a close call, I look at my filing system, (rubber maid tub), and feel a need to organize for my kids. That’s always short lived. Where’s the adventure in that?

  7. I’ve often wondered why doornails are deader than other types of nail and, for that matter, what a doornail is. I’m not even sure what distinguishes a dormouse from other mice, aside from the fact that Romans ate dormice. But at least a cell phone battery can be revived while a doornail can’t.

  8. glad you are not ‘wanted dead or alive’, like the old outlaws in old westerns, because we all want you to be alive and happy you are.

  9. How about “Deader than a dinosaur”?? My close call was last month when I fell backwatd and split my head open on the hitch to our ATV trailer. Only with the cushioning help of my Guardian Angel (Angela – whom I keep quite busy) did I survive without a concussion or a fatal cracked skull!

  10. You’re a wonder, Ann. You’re not just “still alive,” you’re an example of what it means to truly live. ♥️

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