Day 3547: What a mess!

“What a mess!” I’m thinking as I …

  • start to unpack after returning home from my trip to Florida and Georgia,
  • continue to recover from my unexpected hospital trip when I was on vacation,
  • try to figure out how to avoid having another another messy mini stroke/TIA in the future,
  • try to avoid a mess when taking my blood to check my INR (which was too low at 2.4 last week, which likely caused the TIA),
  • readjust to being home with Michael and the cats, who can make a mes,
  • think about our long-overdue bathroom remodel, which is quite a mess, and
  • let go of any shame I have about messes of any kind.

What a mess as I try to organize my images for today.

What a mess of National Days there are today! I like that I’m publishing this what-a-mess post on National CleanUp Day.

What a mess of videos there are on YouTube!


Thanks to all who deal with messes, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3547: What a mess!

  1. welcome home ❤️

  2. glad you’ll get settled in again, messes and all. I see life as a series of messes with some very neat spots in between, and they don’t stress me out.

  3. Dreamer9177

    Relax and enjoy being home

  4. Debbie T

    The messes of re-entry! I remember that my aunt always insisted on unpacking and starting laundry the moment she arrived home from a trip, no matter how late, because she was too stressed by thought of piled up stuff and suitcases on the floor.

  5. I love organized chaos! That is up to now where my brilliant mind has decided to retire from organizing “stuff”. So I’m slowly purging. I always thought my husband and kids were the messy ones, but now there’s just me and my dog to pick up after and the occasional visit from my family. Guess what? I’m the messy one! Take it easy and calm the mess slowly. After a couple of weeks invite someone over, that will motivate you. Good luck with your health and your renovation. Looking forward to the pictures.

    • I love your comments! I always remember the series of aptitude tests I took when I was in my 30’s, when the testers told me that my messy closets were signs of a very organized mind . In other words, I don’t need to keep my environment organized in order to function well. That positive spin on my messiness was worth the price of the testing!

  6. Don’t forget Michael is very good in the mess 🙂

  7. I am in Winnipeg and very busy helping prepare for a memorial service and so I didn’t get to this post in the day you wrote it.

    I am glad that you are home and I also hope (after seeing your photos) that you have a working shower and tub.🙂

  8. Less mess, less stress, as you settle in, is my hope, Ann.

  9. Oh my, what a mess indeed! I am so sorry about your TIA, Ann. I pray you can get that blood pressure under control and go back to 100% health. Good luck with that bathroom remodel. Been there – done that! Have patience!!

  10. The bathroom remodel is enough mess to tell the story. LOL! I’ve certainly lived through more than one of those. The end result is wonderful but I find the process a little stressful. You’re a wonder in that you can keep so many things going all at once. Glad you’re home!!

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