Day 3540: Obsessing

This morning, I’m obsessing about re-packing my stuff and leaving Disney World to meet my old friend Deb at the Jacksonville Airport to start phase 2 of my September vacation adventure on some islands off the coast of Georgia. Usually, I might be obsessing about the content and clarity of that first sentence, but I’ve got to keep moving before the rental car pick-up time of 8:15, so let’s see if today’s Daily Bitch calendar has anything to say about obsessing.

Here is what I’m obsessing about in the moment:

  • Whether I’m repacking things in a way that will make them accessible to me when I need them.
  • How my phone plan emailed me that I have already used 80% of my data for the month, which makes no sense.
  • Whether I’ll remember to make myself available to the people who are covering my groups next week in case they need an access code from me when they try to start a remote group.
  • How I keep getting a message on my laptop that my disk is almost full.
  • Technology in general.
  • Decisions about how to remodel our upstairs bathroom now that we’ve gotten the go-ahead from the insurance company.
  • Insurance companies in general.
  • Decisions in general.
  • How likely it is I’ve caught COVID again hanging around crowds of people at Disney World.
  • The health and well-being of everybody I care about.
  • Whether I’ll be prepared for a virtual meeting the day I get back from vacation about doing groups to help prevent doctor burnout.
  • How clumsy my thumbs are typing out this blog post on my phone.

Whenever I’m obsessing, I write the thoughts down to get them out of my head so that I can move ahead with a clear mind, like now.

Do you see obsessing in any of my other images for today?

Happy National Swap Ideas Day as perhaps we’ll swap ideas about obsessing, below.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “obsessing.”

Thanks to all who help me stop obsessing every day, including YOU!

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16 thoughts on “Day 3540: Obsessing

  1. May your topics turn out golden, Ann. Already this morning I am obsessing about my dear wife Karen and I’s concert visit to the J&M Wireless Dome to see Sir Elton John tonight, for which I bought our tickets two years ago. How bad will the traffic be to the unfamiliar lot where I hold my parking pass? How crowded will the shuttle buses be? How long will lines to get in be? Will my tickets in my phone wallet show up correctly? Will everybody in the crowd around us be healthy?

  2. 2 obsessions jump out of your wonderful pictures:
    • My obsessive thoughts on the continued wellbeing of animals, as a general group, and any one I happen to see in particular.
    • Fear of large bodies of water, similar to a fear of heights. You were at many places with beautiful water. I can appreciate their historic place in human affairs and art. But they scare me. 🙂

    Another one, which ramps up when I travel, is
    • Forgetting, leaving or losing things. I look and look, on the floor around me after I get something out of my pocket, in the chair where I sat, on my desk, etc.

  3. glad writing out your thoughts gives you some clarity! I agree writing always helps me too!

  4. Hi Ann, you may be using more data than you expect If you are leaving websites open in the background, or apps are running in the background and refreshing, or you have photo syncing turned on. You could be receiving news stories all day long. You might try setting your phone on low data mode or something like that.

    Hope the next leg of your vacation is wonderful!

  5. Debbie T

    More mouth-watering treats! Those mouse ear cakes look great!

  6. Dreamer9177

    Because you’re obsessively obsessing about things, here’s a song to help you cope.

  7. The best thing about getting older is we can feed our obsessions without being dependent on adults. Being free to go somewhere like Disney World and wander wherever you want must be a wonderful thing.

  8. nope, I just see lots of fun and adventure

  9. And then allow the vacation to begin. You need it my friend! Laugh Love and have fun!

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