Day 3537: No Worry, No Hurry

Two night ago, when I had trouble sleeping, I wrote lyrics to a new song, “No Worry, No Hurry.”

No worry, no hurry as I share these lyrics with you before taking off for the airport this morning.

No worry, no hurry,

Don’t care what they think.

Those fears you should bury,

That shame you can shrink.

You don’t need to scurry

And do everything.

No worry, no hurry,

Just smile, breathe, and blink.

If you close your eyes

You might see what I see:

A landscape that offers

Sweet tranquility.

Awareness, acceptance,

Just waiting for me.

No worry, no hurry,

The chance to be free.

No worry, no hurry,

No need to be scared.

No need to apologize

For things that you’ve dared.

You don’t need perfection

For protection, my friend.

No worry, no hurry,

There’s peace without end.

©️ Ann Koplow, 2022

No worry, no hurry about checking out my images for today.

No worry, no hurry and no snow, no rain on National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day.

No worry, no hurry about finding something relevant on YouTube before my Lyft driver shows up to take me to the airport.

Thanks to all who help me have no worry, no hurry, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3537: No Worry, No Hurry

  1. I hope your trip gave you nothing to worry about

  2. love your song!!

  3. May your trip offer no worries or hurries and maybe plenty of people to enjoy your great new song, too, Ann.

  4. Debbie T

    Happy travels!

  5. Love your lyrics, Ann! And hope your travels are wonderful. No worry AND no hurry! ❤️

  6. Well, I didn’t hurry getting here but I’m glad I did get here eventually to read your new song lyrics, which I tarried over, and to wish you a safe trip.

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