Day 3535: National Be Late For Something Day

Happy National Be Late For Something Day, everybody!


I usually feel bad about being late — stressing too much out about being on time (if not early) — so I definitely need to celebrate National Be Late For Something Day. I’ll do that today by being late posting the National Days on Twitter (which I try to do every day at 9 AM, Eastern Time). And I’ll try not to worry about being on time for anything else today.

Right before I started today’s blog, I scheduled my Lyft ride to get to Logan Airport two hours before my flight to Florida on Wednesday, which is NOT National Be Late for Something Day.

Do any of my images capture the spirit of National Be Late For Something Day?


I’m going to be late celebrating National Cheese Pizza Day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “National Be Late For Something Day.”


How are you going to celebrate National Be Late For Something Day? Feel free to be late commenting on this blog.

Thanks to everyone who has ever been late for something, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3535: National Be Late For Something Day

  1. Oh, thanks, a good excuse provided! Only problem is, I’ve nowhere to be late to. (Can I end a sentence like that?)

  2. Luis Del Castillo

    I think I’ll be late for everything else today, but I didn’t wanted to be late to comment on your blog

  3. I’ve already honored this holiday as I ‘slept in late’ until 7am )

  4. My dear wife Karen and cherished rescue mutt Ellie B allowed me to sleep in this holiday morning, Ann, and now I feel a little late for normal routines!

  5. Debbie T

    My dad was a member of the Procrastinators Club of America in Philadelphia and knew Les Waas, so I recognized that name in the quote you included from him. I don’t remember if I ever met him (Les Waas, I mean; I know I met my father) but I did hear about him. We thought Dad’s membership was amusing because he was quite punctual and not at all a procrastinator. But the group’s type of humor definitely matched his own. Nothing for me to be late to today; however, we are planning to order cheese pizza for dinner so will observe that national day instead.

  6. Nudibranchs are known for crawling along the bottom but they’ll occasionally gyrate, allowing them to drift upward, to escape predators. I knew this but got to see it on a trip to Florida once when I put some nudibranchs I found in a bucket. I can relate to only making the effort when threatened.

  7. Thanks for permission to be late today. Thankfully, we have nothing pressing on our agenda. Just don’t be late when your body d signals a bathroom break! Ah, and my wild animal is the Lion. I am a Lea the Lion – born July 24. Red is my color!!

  8. I like the idea of having permission to be late for something. But here’s something to know about me, Ann. I almost can’t be late. There’s some kind of natural clock in my head and I just have a really strong sense of punctuality. If I’m honest with you, though, I do tend to feel anxious if I’m late, so there’s probably more going on here than just the “clock” in my head. I should try to deliberately be late for something and see what happens. Oh no! I don’t want to do that. LOL!

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