Day 3530: Reality

The reality is that when I looked at my images for today’s blog it took some time to choose “reality” as the title.

Here are some quotes about “reality.”


Here are some minute parts of reality I captured yesterday.

I really don’t understand some people’s reality.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “reality.”


My reality is that I have three more days to work before I’m on a two-week vacation. What’s your reality?

Thanks to all who help me share my reality every day, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3530: Reality

  1. Thank you for always keeping this blog so very real, Ann.

  2. Debbie T

    Great quotes. I clipped a few for my personal quote album.

  3. Another friend and I got into a friendly argument over whether a baseball organist would play “Sympathy For The Devil”. I thought it could happen and that it would be very funny (I’ve heard the Braves’ organist play everything from “Comfortably Numb” to “Peter Gunn”). He finally said, “I just don’t like that song at all.”
    I accept the reality that everybody has different tastes in music and that’s a good thing. It’s why we have so many different kinds of music, and I don’t think I could listen to just one.

  4. Sometimes I wince that reality is “over-rated,” but your photos bring me back to the beauty in the ordinary. Thank you, dear Ann.

  5. the reality is that I saw not one, but two, donkeys pulling carts in your pictures. one of my fav decorations. and ice cream.

  6. I enjoyed all those found quotes! You had quite an interesting set of photos! The music I enjoy most repetitively is Brahms.

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