Day 3528: According to _____

According to me, this is a good enough title for today’s blog.

According to The National Days Calendar, it’s According to Hoyle Day.


According to Joan, I bought the right luggage for my trip next week.

According to the Noom app, meditating daily helps everybody.


According to Nick Adams, a former President is great …

… and according to me and millions of others, he’s very wrong.

According to the GOP, the November elections are going to go their way.

According to me, we’ll find out what happens in November.

According to a store at a local mall, this is a good sign:


According to me, all my images today are worth sharing.

According to the Daily Bitch, seeing a therapist is not ideal.

According to me and my co-worker Barbara, taking the ferry to downtown Boston is a great way to commute, so I have to leave early this morning to catch it.

According to me, I still have time to share this with you:

According to you, what was your favorite part of this post?

According to me, the best way to end is by expressing gratitude to you.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3528: According to _____

  1. May you have one Hoyle of a day, Ann!

  2. so cheery, The election, tell them there are signs from above, and if they need proof, send them a picture of a cloud, have a great week, stay fresh, amen

  3. Debbie T

    I have comments on two of your photos. (1) I think Joan appears to be waiting for the mail to drop through the slot. (2) Do I see a covered-up parked limo?

    • (1) She appears that way but she was just waiting by the door hoping to go out and (2) Yes. According to me, you are very observant and a great reader!

  4. In an episode of The Prisoner Number Six, played by Patrick McGoohan, tries to become Number Two in a vote held “according to Hoyle”.
    It’s not a show I’d recommend for restful watching, though. A nice walk would be much better.

  5. Hoyle, yes!!

  6. I grew up with a Hoyle guide to bridge in the house as my parents were bridge players but I have never read it.

    The tomatoes look.good!

  7. My entire life we’ve had a family joke when someone says “according to Hoyle,” and the reply, “who is Hoyle.” Now I know! LOL!

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