Day 3527: Blessings

Yesterday, when I was walking around the town of Melrose with my friend Barbara (who has been a blessing to me for over 60 years), I saw this:


Just now, I searched the Internet for more quotes about blessings.


Can you see blessings (including the ripples of kind hearts) in my other images for today?

As always, there are many blessings in every day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for blessings.

Also, I want to share the anxiety-reducing blessings of Marconi Union:

Thanks to all who are blessings to me, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3527: Blessings

  1. Unfortunately i find, it may be a bit too long for reblogging, but I would have loved, to reblog some of it! There are so many good quotes! Ann, thank you very much for sharing!
    HUGS, Uta from Australia 🙂

  2. Putting art on public devices seems like a real blessing, turning what would otherwise be ugly, bland objects into something special that everyone can enjoy.

  3. I loved the quote about kindness being a superpower. Even when we’re bowed down with our own cares we can typically find a way to be a blessing to someone. What a good reminder. I’m going to see an old friend tomorrow, and I know the value of that friendship. I’m so glad you shared your good friend with us. We’re all connected. ♥️

  4. I especially love the count your blessings dance here. I am always fascinated by things that don’t seem like blessings at the time, but turn out that way in the end, when we really understand it’s the way it was meant to happen in the first place.

  5. My favorite pair of socks is alway the one I have on my feet, Ann, unless I got that pair wet, and then it is the pair I’m about to put on my feet.

  6. Lots of reasons there to be grateful! National Red wine day was one of the reasons I found most gratifying. And my favorite socks are re and blue with animal paw prints all over them!

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