Day 3523: What sticks

I tell people in my Coping and Healing groups that what sticks in our minds tends to be negative, so we need to consciously let go of unhelpful and distorted thoughts and reinforce helpful reframes.

What sticks for me, here and now, is

  • the new harness for my cat Joan, which uses strips of Velcro for easy on and easy off,
  • that somebody on Twitter unexpectedly blocked me, and
  • my gratitude for all the people who do keep me in their lives.

What sticks in my images for today?

If I stick to my healthier eating habits, I won’t be having any sticky waffles or pies today.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what sticks”:

Please stick any thoughts and feelings you choose to share in the comments section, below.

What sticks at the end of my posts is my thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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9 thoughts on “Day 3523: What sticks

  1. amyheden9152

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  2. my feet are what stick when I spill my juice on the kitchen floor, but what doesn’t stick is feeling bad about it, just clean it up have a laugh, and go on with the day

  3. Her new harness makes Joan look like a superhero, Ann!

  4. You said: “that somebody on Twitter unexpectedly blocked me”

    I appreciate you saying this, because I have dealt with the mental load of something similar for a couple of days lately. I just learned that one of the first people I met here, and greeted every morning in the beginning, blocked me some time ago. I’d suddenly quit seeing them, and I thought their account had been deleted or suspended. Of course, I worried about them. I’d asked others here where they were or if they’d seen them. There’s no closure possible here, no possible answer to the question “Why?” The mind has defenses against attacks, even ones as passive and remote as this. And I have to be a little angry about it in order to keep from being sad. People seem to think “What I do is between me and my conscience, it has nothing to do with you.” Well, kind of and kind of not. What any of us does, whether it’s hostile, and whether it’s good, has a ripple effect that reaches others. That’s not a bad thing to bear in mind.. I know that’s a speech and I apologize. This small situation will always bother me when I recall it, I think. Thanks for listening. (By the way, I like the sight of the stairs on the beach. We need more Daliesque stairways here and there in our environment.)

  5. I love Joan’s harness! What fun to be able to safely take her on a brief jaunt? And odd about being blocked. I wonder if someone did that in error. Either way, what sticks in my mind is that you’re a very personable twitter personality. 🙂

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