Day 3517: Untold stories

Because I’m a group therapist, I am privileged to witness the healing power of untold stories being told.

Yesterday, after listening to previously untold and moving stories in a group, I noticed this sign at the Public Gardens in Boston:


Do you find any untold stories in my other images for today?

There are often untold stories behind the National Days.

Here’s an untold story about the National Days and me: Periodically somebody on Twitter gets mad about the frivolity of my tweeting the National Days list every morning. From now on, I’m responding with this:

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “untold stories”:

I look forward to your untold stories, below.

Thanks to all who share and witness previously untold stories, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3517: Untold stories

  1. I always feel a little sturdier after taking in the stories you tell, Ann.

  2. A little unknown story is you have to hold a captain’s license to drive one of the swan boats because they carry passengers for hire. One of my Mass Maritime classmates did this as their first job out of school. My first job out of maritime school was being a tanker captain (on a very old 50 ft wooden fuel boat). The flower meme put a smile on my face and made me laugh – thanks for the laugh!

  3. It’s been such a long time since I focused on twitter. I usually just re-tweet something I think should be. Those weeping willows are magnificent! If I ever win the lottery I want land with weeping willows, crepe myrtles and gorgeous flowers. Of course, all of that takes water…so maybe I’ll just enjoy the pictures you provide! We’re in a middle of a drought where I live…though rain is coming! Finally! Mona

  4. I feel we need to tell the children the real stories of our history, both the bad and the good, so that they may understand, learn, discuss, and hopefully not repeat the worst parts and instead use their new knowledge to be actively engaged in the continuing the best parts and beginning to do even better. p.s I love, love the national days and my nickname is peaches so thanks, for thanking me, you were spot on with my name.

  5. One of the only tweets of mine that I remember is from when Disney+ premiered and I said, “Now you can see if The Black Cauldron is as good as you don’t remember!” Well, some stories are bound too closely to their time.

  6. There are a lot of untold stories in your photos, Ann. I fell in love with that beautiful tree trunk! What untold stories does that tree have to tell. I’d love to imagine. 🙂

  7. Debbie T

    Thanks for the lovely photos of the Public Garden. It’s been years since I’ve walked through there.

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