Day 3516: Great endings

Last night, after watching a great ending for a favorite TV series, I tweeted this question about great endings:

It’s great that the answer works for real life and the great TV series, too.

Let’s see if there are any great endings in my photos for today.

I’m celebrating National Massachusetts Day because that great state is where I had my beginning and plan to have my ending (which I hope will be great).

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “great endings.”


I’m thinking my blog posts have great endings because I end with gratitude for YOU.

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10 thoughts on “Day 3516: Great endings

  1. Prompted by your photos, enough water would be a great ending, Ann.

  2. a good food, good company, and good day, are all part of a great ending

  3. Gratitude is always the best way to start and end a day…followed by a passionate good night kiss…good way to start the morning as well! Mona

  4. A few years ago outside the downtown library I got to meet a group of ukulele players called The Ukedelics. I was interested in trying to play and they told me I could check out a ukulele from the library. I told my wife that and she said “YOU can’t”, which put an end to thoughts of trying the ukulele myself. But I did find this:

  5. I enjoyed the beautiful nature photos, Ann, and now so relaxed, it’s clear you’ve contributed to the great ending of my day. 🙂

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