Day 3513: Life stages

As a therapist and a human being who has lived a long life, I’m very interested in life stages. Because my current life stage involves taking many photos and sharing them here, I took this yesterday at a local supermarket:


Here are some quotes I just found online about life stages:


Do you see life stages in any of my other images for today?


I’m in a life stage where I really notice synchronicity and coincidences, like my taking this photo yesterday and sharing it on National Spirit of ‘45 Day:


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “life stages”:

I’ve reached the stage of today’s post where I ask for comments and also express my gratitude for all whom I’ve encountered during my life stages, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3513: Life stages

  1. Your photo collection is ripe for my Sunday morning appreciation, Ann!

  2. It looks like you took photos of a house or building under construction or renovation on the waterfront. I’m intrigued by that. I wonder who is going to live there, or what that space will be used for?

    The display of what appear to be stacked soaps is also quite structural and it makes me wonder whether somebody working in that store yearns to study engineering or architecture. The soap display resembles our public library in Vancouver, uncannily.

    The item that we got at a yard sale that has had the most lasting meaningful value for us is a fairly ordinary stuffed white bear. One of my kids came upon it when he was about three, fell in love with it, and now he’s 30, married with kids,and he’s still treasures that bear. Uses the name he gave it as a kid for his pen name. And to his kids, that bear is as famous as Winnie the Pooh.

  3. I love the picture of your beautiful kitty balancing on the banister!! The best thing I found at a garage sale/flea market was a porcelain casserole dish. That was over 60 years ago. It still gives me pleasure each time I use it. I love how evenly it bakes the contents and how easily it cleans up!

  4. I’m not sure what stage of life I’m in—I think I’ve always been a late bloomer and may still have more to do—but right this moment I’m enjoying all your pictures, especially those of Harley and Joan.

  5. I’m always interested in stages, beginning with the little people I teach, fascinating to watch as we go through life and to reflect on

  6. All those quotes are so very true. Great selection of photos too..

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