PLEASE NO LECTURES about how there should be a comma between “PLEASE” and “NO” in today’s title and on the button I made for a client and for myself.

PLEASE NO LECTURES about all capital letters, also.

PLEASE NO LECTURES about my hesitancy to respond to what I experience as lectures on Twitter with a photo of my PLEASE NO LECTURES button. PLEASE NO LECTURES about my similar hesitancy to call out mansplaining.

PLEASE NO LECTURES. My harsh inner critic gives me way too many lectures already. I’m not going to give a lecture about the harsh inner critic because I suspect you probably know about it.

PLEASE NO LECTURES about my images for today.


PLEASE NO LECTURES about the National Days or about this Presidential joke:

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “PLEASE NO LECTURES.”

Thanks to all who helped me create this PLEASE NO LECTURES post, including you!

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6 thoughts on “Day 3510: PLEASE NO LECTURES

  1. love your button and please no lectures about my use of all lower case. please no lectures about how merrick garland handled himself like a champ today.

  2. You remind me that with my tasks in the communications department at the library, Ann, my colleagues indeed may cringe when I send a note or come walking toward their desk.

  3. What a beautiful walk you went on!

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