Day 3507: Shadows

I decided early yesterday that today’s blog post would be titled “shadows” after I took my first photo of the day.


I was very aware of the relief to be found in the shadows as I took my walk in the early morning heat.


While I was walking among those shadows, I was thinking of quotes about shadows by Carl Jung.


Carl Jung casts a long shadow, doesn’t he?


Can you see shadows in the rest of my images for today?


Here’s the Gene Kelly dance number from Summer Stock where he was casting those interesting shadows.


And dare I say that I was writing about the shadow when I created my original song “Everybody’s Somebody’s Asshole”?


Thanks to all who help me confront and share shadows in this daily blog, including YOU!

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6 thoughts on “Day 3507: Shadows

  1. An excellent theme well executed

  2. Love those shadows 🌗

  3. Your shadowy start to the day provides a nice light on my Monday morning, Ann.

  4. OMG that song!! Love it! Beautiful voice!! ❤️🎶

  5. i begin with trusting people until they show me i have misplaced my trust with them. love shadows!

  6. S hadows
    H ave
    A nswers
    D enser than
    O ne
    W itnesses
    S olo

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