Day 3506: Making a difference

This bumper sticker …

… inspired me to ask a question on Twitter last night about making a difference.

That question is getting fewer responses than my last questions of the day usually do, but I still hope it’s making a difference, even if it’s a small one.

It actually doesn’t make a difference to me what level of engagement my questions have on Twitter but it does pique my curiosity: Why is that question having a different level of responses? My best guess is that my Twitter followers are modest and unsure about the differences they are making. My work as a group therapist (which is how I would have answered my own question about making a difference) has taught me that people often make a difference well beyond their awareness.

Are any of my images today making a difference?

I’m relieved that the delicious ricotta gnocchi with pesto sauce from my favorite local Italian restaurant is not making a difference in my weight loss goal. We’ll see if the National Days for August 7 will be making a difference for anyone.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “making a difference.”

I also find this


… and this:


Thanks to all those who are making a difference, including YOU!

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7 thoughts on “Day 3506: Making a difference

  1. I am pretty sure that I did not make a difference yesterday but I am also pretty sure that I’m going to make a difference today. Let’s just hope that it’s a positive one!

    Thank you for sharing the photos of Joan outside! I’m so excited to see her have new things to explore. And great to see that she felt so comfortable that she just lay down for a while!

  2. I’ve had a reason to think about this question lately. One of my oldest and dearest friends just lost her husband of 51 years. She is at a total loss. I have seen the benefit of just giving her time to talk and to cry with someone who loves her. I have no answers for her pain, but just being with her does appear to make a difference. It’s a temporary help, but repeated often enough it does slightly help her cope. I think we have the opportunity to ease others’ suffering and that does make a difference for the better. Thank you, Ann, for pointing in the right direction. You are an encouragement to think about more than ourselves. ❤️

  3. the flowers and Joan outside in your photos made all the difference for me. nature always grounds me.

  4. I know I make small, incremental differences but I worry they’re negated by larger trends. I guess that’s why we shouldn’t be afraid to at least try to make a difference. It’s worth trying.

  5. Dreamer9177

    Loved the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference on the rock (DON’T PANIC!)

  6. I will attempt to be kind and I think that does make a difference, Ann.

  7. I made a difference to my friend, Margie. I bought her sunflower painted gourd at a silent auction. Now I need that bouquet of sunflowers for it… they would make a difference on my dining room table! ❤

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