Day 3505: Who are you really?

I’m someone who really asks a lot of questions, but I don’t think I’ve ever asked, “Who are you really?”

Who asked that question is Michael A. Singer, who I really like.

Who am I really is someone who probably DOES ask the question “Who are you really?” but not in those exact words. I think that’s what I was asking last night on Twitter:

Who are you really? Are you someone who wants to see my other images for today?

Who is the Daily Bitch really?

Heres what I find on YouTube when I search for “who are you really?”

I also find this:

Who are you really? Are you someone who’s going to leave a comment about this “who are you really?” post?

Who am I really? I’m someone who is really grateful I get to blog everyday for me and for YOU.

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8 thoughts on “Day 3505: Who are you really?

  1. I really feel better seeing your thoughts and photos in the morning, Ann.

  2. I am a person who wonders why there is a white range in a park in one of your photos, and who thinks it might be something that could be fixed up. Coil-top electric stove tops that are more than 4 or so years old perform better than the more recent ones, because regulations changed to prevent elements from staying hot on ‘high’ for fire safety reasons. They switch the heat off whenever they reach a hot temperature, over and over, making it hard to fry anything. I patch coil-top range no matter what goes wrong!

  3. I am me, the best I can be.

  4. I am someone who enjoys the way your mind thinks and the little photo journeys that you take us on, Ann!

  5. I love Michael Singer too. Thanks for sharing 💕

  6. Love your reading selection. Like Michael Singer I’ve experienced spiritual awakening, but instead of diving into yoga and meditation, I was called to learn about energy healing and deeply heal my “human condition”. If I wrote a book, it might be called the same as one of my blogs: Remembering My Divinity – Healing Life’s Trauma Through Love. Who am I? I’m a thread of the grand tapestry of life. A spark of the Divine – as we all are.

  7. Who am I? I am no one, & everyone/everything. I am the world, & also the world is me.

  8. I hope I am the same person on the inside that I portray on the outside. I hope I am congruent. And I share appreciation for the books you highlight in your photos. All three had something very important to tell me. 🙂

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