Day 3504: Where we are

Where we are is here, now, and the Daily Bitch Calendar has an opinion about where we are.

Where we are IS getting hot and I hope we get out before it’s too late.

Where we are is the place in this post where I share my other images for the day.

This is what I find when I search YouTube for “where we are” on National Underwear Day.


Where we are is the end of the post, where I express gratitude to you, no matter where you are.

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15 thoughts on “Day 3504: Where we are

  1. A great run of photos, as always, Ann. And where I am is at my birthday! This Leo is roaring extra loud today. 😉

  2. Happy one year with the wonderfully adaptable Joan, Ann!

  3. Where I am is trying to be patient and sit with ice on my sprained ankle. It does give permission for a quieter weekend. I will enjoy being just where I am. 🙂

  4. Like Debra, I am sitting quietly, (she’s nursing an ankle… I’m coaxing my left pinky) …elevating and exercising this swollen finger – trying to coax the middle joint to bend. But, I’m taking time to catch up on my readings of posts I follow. I especially enjoyed yours this evening, Ann. The cats are so entertaining. You asked what TV show I want to live in… Heartland would be my choice this week. How about you? How would you answer that question??

    • I hope your hand heals soon, my friend, and I would choose to live in either the Mary Tyler Moore Show or Northern Exposure, because both TV shows had loving, interesting, and supportive communities (just like the community I have here on WordPress).

  5. happy gotcha day to Joan! I love the happy face in the sand and the stone house the best. as for shows to be in, I’d say ‘schitt’s creek.’

  6. Happy Joan Day

    • Thanks for making my day happier, as always.

      • I’m really looking forward to seeing some photos of Joan outside once you start taking her for walks, if you can take them safely. If I don’t come in on them after you post them, that means that I missed the photo, so please keep posting!

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