Day 3501: Social media

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all engaging in social media now. Here are some definitions and quotes about social media:


I am now going to steal your time and contribute to my own digital footprint and personal brand. Ready?

Am I being an asshole on social media if I think that “Check with local organizations for dates near you” is funny in a description of National Night Out Day?

Social thanks to all who follow me on social media, including you!

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9 thoughts on “Day 3501: Social media

  1. I buy your branding about how we live our lives, Ann.

  2. Do you consider your blog social media? I am fuzzy on what constitutes social media (except for Twitter, FB and Instagram).

  3. The 1995 book Silicon Snake Oil contains a lot of predictions about the internet that were wrong (such as saying there’d never be online commerce, or that no website would ever replace local newspapers) and its author, Clifford Stoll, has even said the book was a mistake, but the central premise that online experiences aren’t a substitute for real life will always be right. But then I also value online experiences because I get to interact with people like you.

  4. I think that social media is a kind of super power than can be used for good or evil. the choice is up to us

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