Day 3509: Works of art

Works of art

  • have fascinated me since I was young,
  • are proof of humanity’s potential,
  • help make life worth living, and
  • can be defined this way:


Last night, I asked a question on Twitter about works of art.


Do you see works of art in any of my other images for today?


At first, I disliked how our dining room table top was so easily affected and transformed by heat, place mats, cats, and other aspects of daily living, but now I am choosing to see it as a work of art.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “works of art.”

Here’s a comment on that Art Insider “Cans Are Transformed Into Amazing Works Of Art” video:


I look forward to your works of art comments, below.

Thanks to all who appreciate works of art, including YOU.

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13 thoughts on “Day 3509: Works of art

  1. Ann, thank you so very much for finding a great amount of art in regular, everyday life and sharing it with me on my reading mornings.

  2. I was really taken by that sculpture of a young person reading and a cat sitting on the book. If only I had known that art could be like that when I was a kid! I didn’t go to museums and I thought art was only paintings by Dead famous people, like the Mona Lisa.

    I am very intrigued by that photo of an orange cat walking on what looks like hot gravel. I’m just guessing that it’s hot because of the way the cat is walking. That’s not your cat though, right? I don’t think I see photos of your cats outdoors. Is that a cat that you know?

    My cat is spending the hot weather lying curled up on a chair in the basement during the day, then trying to get me to play in the middle of the night.

  3. Your photos show that art is all around us, if we only learn to take the time to pay attention. You’ve inspired me, Ann!

  4. Because I’ve always been fascinated by art I can’t think of which work was the first one I loved, but I do remember having a board game called Masterpiece that my friends and I played sometimes. There were cards with works of art that each player could bid on. I was especially fascinated by Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks”.

  5. I clearly remember loving the art of Peter max, all that color and movement in it. it was the 60s, so I was young, but I knew that I loved it

  6. Ann, some excellent art here! A plethora. Maybe my faves were the furniture shots, the couches and the flag chair shots. I like a dash of dark humor.

    On another point: As a novelist, I can’t say I’m taken with a definition of a “work of art” that omits writing except for poems!

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