Day 3487: Ataraxy

Ataraxy, as I found out via email yesterday, means “a state of serene calmness.”


Attaining ataraxy is difficult in today’s world, but do you find ataraxy in any of my images for today?


I shall do my best attempting ataraxy on National Get Gnarly Day, because what else can I do?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “ataraxy.”


Maybe they didn’t get the email.

I’m hoping for ataraxy for all, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3487: Ataraxy

  1. I don’t aspire to a state of extreme calmness but I enjoyed all your photos.

  2. Debbie T

    Does anyone actually attain ataraxy these days? I can’t imagine being in that state.

  3. I see so much ataraxy in your pictures, and so much that induces calmness, but I couldn’t relax until I’d looked up the etymology of “ataraxy”. I guessed it was Greek and felt so relieved to be right.

  4. What a wonderful word. I hope you can maintain that state of calm all weekend. And I’m sure going to do my best to tap into it myself.:-)

  5. the images of nature and animals put me in a state of ataraxy. thank you…

  6. I think I would calm down some if I crossed paths with a dog wearing lovely shoes, Ann.

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