Day 3480: Compelling

“Compelling” is how I would answer my own question on Twitter from last night.


I am now compelled to share a definition of the word “compelling.”

I believe that the January 6 hearings are compelling and I hope others do too.

What are my most compelling images for today?


I wonder which of those National Days people will find most compelling.

Here’s the song I was compelled to tweet about yesterday:


I look forward to your compelling comments, below.

Compelling thanks to all who compel me to create this daily blog, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3480: Compelling

  1. I will say that two boxes of chains followed by a slice of pavement that for some reason tease me that it could have been kissed by a pair of chains rubbed in sealer are a sequence of compelling photos this morning, Ann.

  2. Were I in America I expect I would agree with you, but, of course I haven’t seen the programmes.

  3. Our youngest dog Junko has been learning to sniff out rats in a game called “Barn Hunt”. She finds it very compelling.
    I’d say the January 6th hearings have been pretty good about sniffing out some rats too.

  4. Compelling is a wonderful word. There are many things that come to mind, but I find your Twitter conversations compelling. Your quick and you’re clever and I am impressed!

  5. I most liked the home-delivered newspaper, the doggie memorial, and the boxes of old rusty chains. wonder what this says about me? you are not compelled to tell me the answer nor am I compelled to know, but thanks for listening. I would say the hearing was riveting and terrifying.

  6. My word for the hearings is ‘arresting,’ though compelling is equally true. As for your run of photos, it’s the rusty chains and the little lighthouse doing its ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ impression that compel me. ☺️

    • Thanks for this arresting comment, Lori, and like many others I hope the hearings result in the arresting of certain people.

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