Day 3477: Decisions, Decisions

I’m pretty sure I’ve written other blog posts about decisions, decisions because making decisions can be difficult for me.

Some people have decided that decisions, decisions can be especially challenging for people who are Perceivers (rather than the Judgers) on a Myers-Briggs scale.

One of my decisions about decisions is that there often isn’t one right or wrong decision. All-or-nothing thinking puts too much pressure on decisions, decisions.

At the same time, a series of bad, thoughtless decisions, decisions can have global consequences, like climate change.

Do you see decisions, decisions in my images for today?


The National Day Calendar people are offering only two decisions, decisions today.

I’m making a decision, decision to share this result from searching YouTube for “decisions, decisions.”


So many decisions, decisions to make as I create this daily blog, but I always decide to end each post with gratitude for YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3477: Decisions, Decisions

  1. puella33

    Interesting decision to put the bottles in a boa- looks pretty. My favorite board game is Clue

  2. I’ve decided that the baseball cover on the back of that truck is plenty interesting, Ann. I’ll even call it seamly.

  3. You sure live in a colorful and interesting world. I can see why you are overloaded with decisions. Favorite boardgame? Hm…..probably monopoly.

  4. Kevin Ryan

    Favorite board game is probably “Uno”.

  5. While I often have trouble making decisions it didn’t take me long to decide the art works you found on your walk are strange and wonderful, and just the sort of thing I’d like to find.

  6. I decided that I love the ‘no justice, no peace’ sign in the sun shower, and the art installation pics. I’m a pretty quick and easy decision maker, tend to go with my instincts, but probably not always the best situation, though more often then not it’s worked out. I still love ‘candy land’ and play it with all ages, so much strategy and drama and I love getting to the candy castle even if I’m not first.

  7. I’m not good at making decisions either Anne! But I enjoyed this post!

  8. Lately, our family has been enjoying Wavelength.

  9. What a wonderful variety of pictures! If I had to decide which one was my favorite, I would pick the one with the cat next to the scratching post, looking up at the camera.

    However, I can’t decide which is my favorite board game. 😊

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