Day 3470: What cheers me up

What cheers me up includes:

  • blogging daily,
  • people I love,
  • work I love,
  • knowing I’m not alone,
  • cats,
  • games,
  • positive reframes,
  • group therapy,
  • self care,
  • good weather,
  • fond memories,
  • making new memories,
  • learning new things,
  • reconnecting with an old friend, and
  • finding out what cheers up other people.

What does NOT cheer me up is doom-and-gloom news, including some unasked-for news alerts on my phone I’d like to block.


Taking action cheers me up, too, and so does sharing photos with you.

National Simplicity Day and Cow Appreciation Day are both cheering me up, here and now.

Music cheers me up and here’s some great music from somebody with different colored eyes:

What cheers you up?

Thanks to all who cheer me up, including YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Day 3470: What cheers me up

  1. Your posts and eternal optimism always cheer me up, Ann!

  2. Your posts so often cheer me up. Thank you, Ann.

  3. cheer the world up, be a good Samaritan today, it’s the groundhog moment, we get to do it better the more we practice it, cheers Annie, amen, have a great day..

  4. Intriguing photos!

    Your blog usually cheers me up, even when you are not feeling cheerful.

  5. It’s hard to believe that eight years ago in July I was starting chemo. I have a pair of red shoes and I would wear them, and dance the blues, when I needed a little extra cheer.

  6. I think it does cheer me up to read your posts and to read the comments you receive. There’s something about recognizing we have common needs, fears, concerns and struggles that gives me a little strength, which cheers me. I could use a couple of days to just be quiet, read and reflect…that would go a long way in cheering me about now. 🙂

  7. kind gestures and words, animals, smiles, children, friends, family, the return of the sun, the trees, and flamin’ hot Cheetos.

  8. puella33

    Music cheers me up

  9. Dreamer9177

    My partner of almost 23 wonderful years, music, and Ann’s blog cheer me up

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