Day 3466: Recognition

My blog posts — which get a satisfying amount of recognition — often start with a definition, so here’s a definition of recognition.

Because of my work as a group therapist, I often think about the importance of recognition. Everyone needs some recognition, especially recognition of one’s authentic self. Also, in order for us to survive, there are injustices that need recognition.

Do you recognize recognition in my images for today?

Do chocolate with almonds, collector cars, and freezer pops need more recognition?

Here’s “Santé” by Stromae, deserving of much more recognition.


In recognition of all who help me create this blog every day, thank you!

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15 thoughts on “Day 3466: Recognition

  1. We were shocked last night to hear that someone shot the former Prime Minister of Japan. (My son’s partner who lives with us, is from Japan and we learned the news when she screamed.) Because of tough gun laws, Japan usually has very few gun deaths, less than 10 per year. I heard that the shooter in this case had to make his own gun. (Don’t know if that’s true.)

  2. Debbie T

    Love the skyline & bird photos. And Joan once again perched precariously.

  3. I didn’t recognize the word “daedal” but I recognized its derivation since I was just reading the story of Daedalus, and adding on my own ending.

  4. Lovely snaps. Terrible image re the NRA, & yes, they are all murderers as far as I’m concerned (I’m observing from Australia). But most importantly, my bird nerd sweetheart wants that bumper sticker! Is it yours? 🤩

  5. I think that kindness, altruism, and compassion need more recognition.
    and flamin’ hot Cheetos.

  6. Jolie Rickman was a wonderful musician taken from our world way too early by illness, Ann. Her husband thankfully posted her fantastic work Suffer to be Beautiful on YouTube.

  7. I recognized that I had never heard the word “deal” before. What a great addition to my vocabulary. 🙂

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