Day 3464: How bad can it be?

How bad can it be if I start my daily blog post by quoting The Daily Bitch?

How bad can it be when I’m wishing that someone WOULD come from the future to stop us from widespread destruction, injustice, and greed?

How bad can it be in my other images for today?

How bad can it be when it’s National Hand Roll Day?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “how bad can it be?”


How bad can it be when I have wonderful readers like YOU?

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17 thoughts on “Day 3464: How bad can it be?

  1. I see so many tributes here – to nature, to those who gave for our country, to companions, to life, to laughter, to tears, to the bounty of our food, to the daily bitch. how bad can it be?

  2. It can be pretty darn good while I’m taking an excursion through your photos, Ann.

  3. How bad can it be when I am already finished work for the day! Yay!

  4. Saying Assoil with a Scottish accent will get me into a lot of trouble!!

  5. Dreamer9177

    Words to live by

  6. I love the row of hydrangeas. A beautiful sight, and in times of stress, which I think is high right now, focusing on nature helps me balance out a little bit. Lovely photos, Ann!

  7. May there be a future for them to come from

  8. Richard at BigSky wrote, “Much of my journaling comes from reading other blog posts as well as from my morning devotional time.” And then I read your post, Ann. Now it’s time to do my journaling. So much fodder for it here!

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