Day 3559: When you’re feeling down

When you’re feeling down, know that you’re not alone.

When you’re feeling down, remember that you’ve felt down before and made it through.

When you’re feeling down, resist the temptation to get down on yourself and beat yourself up.

When I’m feeling down, I share my heart with people I trust, observe what’s around me, set an achievable goal, access good memories, and get in touch with humor.

When you’re feeling down, get down with the Daily Bitch (and maybe eat a creative ice cream flavor or a ginger snap).

When you’re feeling down, listen to music that brings you up.

When you’re feeling down, get in touch with gratitude. Thanks to all who help me get up every day and create these blog posts, including YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Day 3559: When you’re feeling down

  1. Thank you, Ann, I will attempt to keep my head up and goals within reach if I am feeling down.

  2. Mel Brooks’ comment that he feels more like 95 cracked me up.

    Re the problem about your phone not recording your steps when you are looking for it, the solution is to multiply your step count by Pi, unless you are on vacation or out of town, in which case multiply by Pi squared.

  3. When I’m feeling down Mel Brooks and Emo Philips can always bring me back up, but, funny enough, I was just rereading the book Ice Cream Larry, because Daniel Pinkwater also always brings me back up, and I was reminded that Larry the polar bear invents codfish-flavored ice cream.

  4. when feeling down, look for hearts in unusual places, like the sidewalk above. or when you’re down, think like a cat: climb into a comfy space in the sun, take a nap, roll over, stretch, wander around, have a bite to eat, play with something interesting, follow a shadow, make a noise, take a drink, look out the window, bathe yourself, not hang out or talk to anyone you don’t want to, walk out of the room with head held high, repeat as needed. my go to movie that is a guaranteed up is ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’

  5. All good things to do when you feel down! Thanks, Anne! I appreciate you! Xo

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