Day 3455: What’s trending

I don’t look for what’s trending, but that list automatically popped up when I was googling the National Days for June 2022, the currently trending month.

The only thing on that list that’s trending where I am is the coronavirus. Also trending here are:

  • the recent Supreme Court decisions on guns and women’s rights,
  • injustices,
  • climate change,
  • denial,
  • the mid-term elections,
  • inflation,
  • George Carlin’s American Dream,
  • group therapy,
  • home repair, and
  • every image I recently captured on my iPhone.

PTSD is definitely trending, which I’m very aware of as a psychotherapist.

Here’s what I find when I search for “what’s trending George Carlin.”

What’s trending where you are?

What’s always trending here — no matter what day it is — is gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these blog posts, including YOU.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3455: What’s trending

  1. I appreciate the way you note trends, Ann.

  2. I see that monkey pox is on your list of trending things. Hopefully we can prevent it from actually trending as an infection. Maybe it is time for widespread vaccination for monkeypox or smallpox in Canada and other places where it is spreading..

  3. I’m hoping to see some good news trending soon but in the meantime I’ll settle for some good music.

  4. a new day is trending each morning. happy for that.

    p.s. I am excited that the baby wooly mammoth is trending as well.

  5. Debbie T

    Keep up the great walking habit! Because of a painful torn meniscus and subsequent knee surgery, I couldn’t keep up with my near-daily walks for 4 months. Now restarting and my stamina is nowhere near its previous level.

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