Day 3449: Enlightenment

I often gain enlightenment by interacting with others and somebody on Twitter shared this enlightening image in response to my question about to-do lists:


Here is an enlightening definition of enlightenment:

Here and now, I’m going to make up a new definition of enlightenment: the realization that one of the reasons you’re not sleeping well is that there is too much lightenment in your bedroom because there is no way to hang blackout curtains.

Perhaps one of my readers will offer some enlightenment about how to fix that problem. In the meanwhile, I have en-lightened my wallet by ordering several sleep masks that, so far, aren’t comfortable enough.

Here are some quotes about enlightenment from

Can you find enlightenment in any of my other images for today?

I think it’s funny that I’m blogging about enlightenment and light on National Daylight Day and the longest day of the year. If you need enlightenment about any of the National Days in June, here’s an enlightening link:

I wonder whether people realize that Google is a path to enlightenment about many questions.

Here’s the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for enlightenment:

Thanks to all who help me find enlightenment every day, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3449: Enlightenment

  1. Taking an extended look at your lightenment problem on this longest day of the year, Ann, it seems to me that your curtain rods could hold some great darkening drapes. They might not be fashion-forward but they could bring you extra night-like hours you crave!

    • The curtain rods can’t extend all the way over the windows because of the design of the bedroom, Mark — perhaps my photo wasn’t enlightening enough. I would get non-fashion-forward drapes like lightening if I could figure out a way to hang new rods that would cover both the windows.

      • I just took a second longer look and now see that problem, Ann. If only the curtain rods could be hung lower, under that protruding ledge. Michael, you are so good with tools, just wondering.

      • Thanks for this enlightening comment, my good friend!

  2. love the zen quote at the beginning. p.s. I replaced my old shades with room-darkeners and mounted them under the ledge. easy peasy and I think what mark was suggesting above.

  3. Hi Ann, for your light problem, given the unusual setting of the window, I would suggest that you add a set of room-darkening blinds. You can buy them custom made on Amazon for $35 and up for regular ones, and $125 and up for motorized.

    Your current blinds stick out above the facing of the window frame, so unless you want to replace those with room-darkening ones (which would be the easiest solution) then I’d suggest mounting another roller blind (perhaps a single, wide one) above them on the frame. If the other blinds interfere with this, then you could add a level of window moulding or trim right onto the top of the window frame’s face, just to bring it out by enough to clear the other blinds. A piece of flat !/2 inch by 4 inch primed moulding might do it for about $5. You’d make the top of your window sill protrude out a bit, and then attach the blinds.

    Another thing you could do, if you want to retain your sheers but also have a layer of room-darkening curtains, is to hang the curtains right on the window frame, using double-rod holder window hardware, which is easy to find. I know that it’s not considered elegant to attach curtain rod hardware to windows but in this situation it might be a good idea.

    Good luck! I look forward to your solution.

  4. I can’t offer anything on your light problem but I do remember feeling rather enlightened when I was young and reading a Choose Your Own Adventure Book called Inside UFO 54-40. The happiest possible ending was reaching a paradise called Ultima. After several tries I finally realized–and the book provided clues–that the only way to reach Ultima was to simply flip through the book to that page. No sequence of choices would lead you there.
    Perhaps there’s a lesson in that: enlightenment isn’t always something pursued. Sometimes it just happens.

  5. I think sometimes my relationship with enlightenment is spotty! 😀 But I love the term, Synchrodestiny, coming from Deepak Chopra. I would like to give that more consideration. Thank you. And I haven’t seen a “Help Uvalde” sign anywhere along my path. I’ve participated in some Go Fund Me opportunities, but I’d be thrilled to come across a sign similar to what you put in your photos. That feels important to me! ❤️

  6. Thank you, since enlightenment is a state of non-duality, we move towards a single truth.

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