Day 3448: Unreal

So many things seem unreal to me these days, including:

  • how facts don’t seem to matter,
  • the level of denial about climate change,
  • the resistance to enacting common sense gun laws in the USA,
  • the power of greed,
  • some people’s priorities,
  • the daily news,
  • the passage of time,
  • reality shows, and
  • my many blessings.

Let’s see if there’s anything unreal in my images for today.

It’s unreal how many excuses people have for being late. I can’t be late today because I’m on call at the hospital starting at 9 AM, but I have time to search YouTube for “unreal.”

It’s unreal how before today I had never heard of Roxette and the late Marie Fredrikkson.

It’s unreal how grateful I am to all those who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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11 thoughts on “Day 3448: Unreal

  1. Happy arrival of summer, Ann, on time as usual!

  2. Hope you have a really (or even unreally or surreally) great day.

    I am continuously impressed by your consistency in posting on your blog, however busy you are. You are very real to me.

  3. You had me at Unreal peanut butter cups! My absolute favorite! My to-do list has only one thing on it: go back to bed and get over Covid.

  4. I was taken aback by International Nystagmus Day at first because I thought the term sounded familiar but I couldn’t remember it. Then I checked and was reminded there was a character in an episode of The X-Files who had nystagmus. It was an episode that, while unreal, still seemed frighteningly plausible.

    • It’s unreal how many things I’ve forgotten so thanks for that real reminder of a show I really enjoyed watching.

  5. lots of unreal to unpack here, the first is the peanut butter cups which I’d love to unwrap and eat. I also love the yellow cone on top of the pallets that says do not place anything on top of pallets, and of course the extra kind ‘you deserve extra guac’ message.

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