Day 3447: It’s about time

It’s about time for my daily blog and as I look over the images I’ve collected for today’s post, “It’s about time” seems like a good title for today.

It’s about time for me to share those images.

This immediately comes up when I search YouTube for “it’s about time.”

It’s about time for me to request comments on this “it’s about time” post and to thank all those who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3447: It’s about time

  1. Definitely about time!

  2. at long last, way overdue.

  3. May you appreciate all the hours today Ann, for all the reasons.

  4. It’s well past time Juneteenth became recognized as a national holiday, and I’m glad it is. I find it funny it coincides this year with Turkey Lover’s Day. Calling someone “turkey” is usually an insult but Benjamin Franklin had a point when, in a private letter to his daughter, he described the turkey as much more noble and intelligent than the bald eagle.

  5. Debbie T

    I just started reading a book called The Alchemy of Us, which is about how people shape technology and technology also shapes people. Coincidentally, the first chapter is about the history of the measuring of time. So it’s about time (and other subjects).

  6. I think it’s important and just about time that we finally all understand the significance of Juneteenth. Thank you for sharing your timely message. 🙂

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