Day 3444: Why the hell?

Why the hell would I start today’s blog post this way?

Well, I’ve been asking “why the hell?” about people’s behaviors for years. Why the hell else would I become a therapist?

Why the hell aren’t people doing more about

  • climate change?
  • the threat of Fascism?
  • injustice?
  • systemic biases?
  • greed?
  • war?
  • inhumanity?

Why the hell do I ask so many questions? And why the hell am I sharing these images today?

Why the hell are there so few National Days today?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “why the hell?”

I also find this


… and this.

Why the hell are there so many videos about “what the hell?” and none for “why the hell?”

Why the hell is Rowan Atkinson welcoming us to Hell?

Why the hell do I end each blog post with gratitude for all the wonderful people who also wonder “why the hell?” at times, including YOU?

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16 thoughts on “Day 3444: Why the hell?

  1. Sometimes I know when I don’t know Ann, other times I’m convinced I know when really I don’t have a clue. What the hell?

  2. I don’t know the answers to your questions. I wonder the same things often. I sometimes feel that I’ve spent my whole life, along with others, working hard to make progress in some areas — with considerable effort and sacrifice– only to see things going backwards. I think this means that change is hard sometimes and also, that maybe the people that we blame weren’t entirely responsible for not fixing it before us.

  3. Are there two copies of this post or is my phone just being weird?

  4. Debbie T

    Lots of interesting birds and ducks in today’s photos.

    • Why the hell do I take so many photos of those shore birds? Because I love seeing them and glad you do too, Debbie.

  5. Rowan Atkinson shows why Hell would be preferable to Heaven. Also I don’t know why the hell I did it but I wrote a phone routine about Bob Newhart dying and going to Hell and it starts like this:
    “Hello, is this Gabriel? Hi Gabe, it’s Bill.
    I said it’s Bill. From downstairs.
    Yes, it has been a long time!
    Listen, Gabe, the reason I’m calling is I’ve got a guy who I think might have been sent here by mistake…”

  6. “why the hell?” is such a good stress reliever. it’s shorthand for ‘after all this… and still?’ no logical explanation so –

  7. This post made me smile, Ann…

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