Day 3443: Sense of humor

I really like River Butcher’s sense of humor, so I’m going to share their full Comedy Central special, “A Different Kind of Dude.”

I especially love their bit about pronouns and white ladies, which I hope demonstrates that my sense of humor includes the ability to laugh at myself.

Do you see a sense of humor (or any kind of sense) in my images for today?

I’m glad I had the sense to write about sense of humor on National Smile Power Day.

I’m not kidding when I end this post with a sense of gratitude for River Butcher and for all those who have the sense of humor to enjoy my blog, including YOU.

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8 thoughts on “Day 3443: Sense of humor

  1. You never know where you’re going to encounter a turkey these days, Ann.

  2. I really like River Butcher’s sense of humor too, and they remind me of way back in 1993 when Comedy Central first showed “Out There”, a special of gay comedians hosted by Lea Delaria. In the opening Bea Arthur said, “Gay comedians? Why do they have to flaunt their sense of humor?”

  3. I love to see the humor in all of life. the animals have a very natural and unabashed sense of humor that we can only begin to emulate.

  4. Hi Joan. Hi Harley

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