Day 3441: What might you say?

What might you say about my choice of “What might you say?” as the title of today’s blog post?

What might you say about saying that a word I might say every day is one of the most overused words in the English language?


What might you say about these fascinating or prodigious images?

What might you say about what the Daily Bitch says today?

What might you say about this video I shared on Twitter about what I might say about my followers?

What might you say if I expressed my gratitude to all my amazing followers on social media, including YOU?

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6 thoughts on “Day 3441: What might you say?

  1. Thank you for today’s tremendous, illustrative post, Ann. And I will attempt to minimize my kitchen klutziness today my simply microwaving the leftovers from the tasty ham dinner Karen prepared for us last night.

  2. what I would say about my followers is that they are a wonderful, eclectic, zany, creative, and bright bunch of independent thinkers – rabble-rousers all

  3. I’m speechless but can’t stop smiling after listening to your song.

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