Day 3440: National Loving Day

I’m loving that there is a National Loving Day.

I’m loving that you’re reading my blog, here and now, and looking at today’s images.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “National Loving Day.”

Thanks to all the loving people who helped me create this National Loving Day post, including YOU!

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13 thoughts on “Day 3440: National Loving Day

  1. The Loving story made for a pretty interesting movie a half-decade or so back, Ann.

  2. Dreamer9177

    We should have a National Loving Day more often

  3. I love learning new things and while I knew about the Lovings I just learned about the 1922 play Abie’s Irish Rose, about another “mixed” couple–a Jewish man marries an Irish Catholic woman. Audiences loved the play but critics hated it, and Peter Benchley asked readers to send in one-line reviews. The winner, “No worse than a bad cold” was submitted by Arthur Marx, who may have had an inside advantage. He was already becoming well known as Harpo.

  4. Thank you for this post. I had no idea today was National Loving Day when I wrote today’s post at the subject is all about loving (particularly all ethnicities ).

  5. loving day is very important to my family as my daughter and son-in-law would never have been allowed to marry, had it not been for this law. personally, I wish every day was loving day for everyone.

  6. What a wonderful commemoration in remembering the Loving’s and their journey that eventually broke the barrier that was still in place when we were in high school. There was a time not that long ago I would have thought the suggestion that inter-racial marriage was met with jail and harsh punishment/lack of acceptance would be impossible today. I think we’ve begun to realize that it is altogether possible that there are places in this country where extreme discrimination is not just possible, but promoted and even celebrated. We really need to stay awake and practice “National Loving Day” every day!

  7. Anonymous

    People born 1984 SUCKS!

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