Day 3431: National Repeat Day

I’m sure I’m repeating myself here when I state that I sometimes have a fear of repeating myself. However, repeating oneself is actually encouraged on National Repeat Day.

Even on National Repeat Day, I don’t want to repeat much more of the National Day Calendar’s description of National Repeat Day, which you can read here. That description has links to 7 Things Worth Repeating (including music, daily affirmations, and recipes) and and 7 Things Not Worth Repeating (including bad haircuts, terrible jobs, and being scammed).

On National Repeat Day, I want to repeat that the USA needs to ban assault weapons, NOW.

Do you see repeats in my other images for today?

On National Repeat Day, there’s kind of a repeat of National Macaroon Day, which was three days ago.

Here’s a song I like to repeat on this blog:

One of the suggested ways to celebrate “National Repeat Day” is …

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11 thoughts on “Day 3431: National Repeat Day

  1. Can’t get enough of Ann’s wisdom and smarts, Ann.

  2. I had a shrimp taco for dinner and it was so good I had a second one. Also I visited your blog this morning and it was so good I came back again this evening.

  3. wash, rinse, repeat. wash, rinse, repeat.

  4. I did not know it was National repeatedly, how cool 😜

  5. My needs are pretty simple. I’d like to repeat the most ordinary of days, I don’t crave excitement but love consistency. And you are consistently such a positive bright light, Ann. ❤️

  6. Porter Gaetani

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Thanks!😎 ⚡ 2022-07-09 13h 10min

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