Day 3430: Keeping Up

I’m having trouble keeping up with many things these days, including

  • changes in technology,
  • the news, and
  • responding to all the wonderful people who engage with me through social media (here and on Twitter).

Let’s see if I’m keeping up with the latest definition of “keeping up.”

Keeping up with the first definition and with my role as a psychotherapist, I keep telling people not to keep comparing themselves with others, because that keeps them feeling bad about themselves. If you want to keep up with definitions of comparisons and other cognitive distortions (which I keep calling “automatic and unhelpful thoughts), I’m keeping those definitions here.

I’m keeping up with blogging every day by sharing my thoughts, my feelings, and the photos and other captured images I’m keeping up on my phone (which may explain why my phone is slowing down and having trouble keeping up with me these days) (but that’s not keeping me up at night).

Do you see keeping up in my images for today?

Today I’ll be keeping up with the National Days by seeking out my favorite flavor of ice cream, Rocky Road. Keeping up with National Leave the Office Early Day is challenging, since Thursdays I work late until 8, but I’m working from home (which I keep doing, except for Mondays, when I’m keeping up with work at the hospital).

Keeping up with the theme of irresistible dance music, here’s “Everybody Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was).

If you comment below, I’ll try keeping up with you by answering as soon as I can.

I’m keeping up with my tradition of taking photos of thank you’s so I can express my gratitude every day for all those who are keeping up with me, including YOU.

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9 thoughts on “Day 3430: Keeping Up

  1. I cannnot keep my feet (or other parts) still whenever the classic In the Mood wonderfully enters my ears, Ann.
    On National Bubba Day, I feel like it’s an obligation to go out and make a new good friend!

  2. Love this–and yet keeping up seems an impossible task now! So much coming at us that I find myself having to ignore a lot of it or I feel overwhelmed.

  3. When Georgia O’Keefe was 90 a reporter went to interview her at her home in New Mexico and asked if he could accompany her on her daily walk. She said, “If you can keep up,” and set off at a pace that almost left him behind.
    For some reason my brain likes to keep facts like that on hand.

  4. I do the best I can with keeping up with what I find important, and that is ever-fluid, and I let the rest go. I never waste time keeping up with the jonses, or anything else that doesn’t matter to me in the big scheme of life. if I can’t keep up with something, I usually just let it go and not worry about it, unless it is important to someone who I love. as for walking pace being an indicator, I have pretty much always walked at the same pace, so what does that say about me? a chronic case – p.s. I cannot resist dancing to ‘rock lobster’ anytime/anyplace and feel I can keep up with the best of them in this scenario.

  5. I love dancing to “Rock Lobster” too, beth, and I do my best keeping up with the things that matter to me, much like you.

  6. I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with my expectations. I think I’d benefit from letting go of some of my goals and maybe learn to go with the flow of a day a bit more. It’s been a long time since I’ve danced. 🤷‍♀️

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