Day 3429: Natural States

It is natural for me to state that I appreciate the inspiration for today’s blog.


Do you see natural states in my other images for today?

I don’t know if the natural state in my nation is to say something nice, but why not start today?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “natural states.”

As usual, I’m in my natural state of gratitude at the end of my daily blog post, so many thanks to Michael Singer and everyone else who helps me explore natural states, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3429: Natural States

  1. Leon Fairbanks

    Great photo! Joan has competition.

  2. Great idea- natural state. Years ago my natural state was pretty anxious, but because it was the only way I’d ever been it was normal. These days my natural state is peaceful, and in particular my natural state today seems to be one of gratitude. Love your daily bitch calendar.

  3. Barefoot has often been a natural state for me, so much so that when I was a kid and my mother would tell me to come in from playing because we needed to go somewhere I’d ask if I could go “barefoot in my shoes”. I didn’t want to waste time pulling on socks or taking them off when we got home.

  4. I love this quote about natural state.

    ” I don’t have any affirmations, I don’t have any of that stuff. My natural state is to look at things as possibilities and as opportunities.” Michael J. Fox (I agree with this)

  5. The hat suits you

  6. Thank you for always interacting with us so naturally, Ann.

  7. When I’m at home I enjoy a natural state of comfort, peace and relaxation. I’m planning to be home all weekend, so I can enjoy that natural state. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear Ann.

  8. The love, joy, inspiration, and openness that are natural to my untethered heart were awakened with each of your blog components today. Gorgeous rug runner on stairs with my favorite kitty on top … that was a joy bringer – and your hat – ah yes, so chic!!

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