Day 3428: Glances

Chances are you know what glances are, but here’s a definition anyway:

After a glance at that definition, I am having these glancing thoughts:

  • with all the information out there, we often need to take brief or hurried looks.
  • I used to glance at dozens of watches I had collected over many years, but now I glance only at my phone for the time.
  • I glanced at the possibility of transforming those watches I used to glance at into an art piece, but then I forgot all about that as I glanced at other things.
  • in my fall on Friday, my favorite glasses were knocked off my head and now it’s difficult to glance through them.
  • if Tom (glancingly mentioned in the definition of “glance”) is taking Coumadin like I am, I hope he got a CAT scan of his head.
  • I love glancing at flashes or gleams of light (and at many other things).

Here are today’s images which, as always, give you glances into my life:

Did any of those images get multiple glances from you?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “glances.”

Besides “Glances” by Koki Nakano, I also find “Glances/I Don’t Belong Here” by Hannah Kendall.

In my glances throughout every day I find images of gratitude, so thanks to all who are glanced at and who glance at this blog, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3428: Glances

  1. Vinny Vince

    I more than glanced Ann. You’re a light worker. I’m sorry you fell on your walk. I hope your weren’t hurt badly. I fell last week walking to the local market. It didn’t go so well for me, so I sincerely hope you fared much better. Thanks for the constant sound advice, the pick-me-ups and the thumbs up and heart emojis. I so appreciate it. 😁💙✊🏽👍🏽

  2. These are great photos today, Ann! The cat is smiling upside down in the first pic! I missed past blogs — did you take a little tumble? You are the first I admit this to but I’ve been slipping and tripping on real and imaginary things for a bit now. A little whirly-do when I turn around too fast. Please say it’s old age. Or the BEGINNING of late-middle age. You and I (and it looks like Vinny too) need to take our time when we get our bods in gear.

  3. I’m a few days behind because I’ve been overseeing the rewiring of one of my kids’ houses, which mostly means feeding the electricians and making sure that things go where they’re supposed to go, and I’ve also been playing with my grandkids while I’m here visiting. So I didn’t know that you’d had a fall! That’s very worrying and I’m going to go back and try to find that post. I hope you are okay!

  4. I decided the word “glance” deserved more than a glance so I checked the OED and found that it also means “planish”. And that means “To flatten (sheet metal, a metal object, etc.) with a smooth-faced hammer, or by rubbing a flat-ended tool over the surface”. It also says glance is “A variety of ore having a lustre which indicates its metallic nature” and says this definition is obsolete except when used with antimony, bismuth, copper, iron, lead, and silver which doesn’t sound very obsolete at all.
    It’s fitting that it’s impossible to just glance at the definition of “glance”.

  5. Debbie T

    Joan is still glancing into that suitcase. I think she really wants to travel.

  6. Your blog so regularly serves up a worthy song and glance routine for me, Ann.

  7. ‘glance like no one’s watching’…

  8. I like your photos so much that I never just glance at them! I take my time. 🙂

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