Day 3423: Some measure of comfort

Last night, on the day after the horrific shootings at a Texas elementary school (and the typical, infuriating reactions from those opposed to sane gun laws), I asked a question on Twitter about finding some measure of comfort through music.

Here’s how I would answer my own question:

It gives me some measure of comfort to share a few images with you today.

No matter what day it is, I’m always grateful for the measure of comfort I experience here with you.

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7 thoughts on “Day 3423: Some measure of comfort

  1. We need all the soothing we can get, Ann. Some Steely Dan or Donald Fagan would put me in a calmer mood.

  2. Few things provide comfort like pets. A few weeks ago in my writing group someone said, “Dogs make everything better,” and they were right but I had to add “And cats too.”

  3. Bob Dylan – “the answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.’ and we all know the answer

  4. I take comfort in knowing that we can come together and share peace and calm despite the chaos and pain that swirls around us. Meeting you in these daily blog posts is reassuring, which translates to comfort, Ann.

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