Day 3522: Gun Control

When I was visiting my friend Maria last week, I showed her “Gun Control” by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies.

Yesterday, after ANOTHER mass shooting of children at an American elementary school, I shared “Gun Control” on Twitter.

Because I can’t (nor do I want to) control my rage and grief at the insane and criminal lack of gun control in the USA, these are the images I choose to share today.

On National Missing Children’s Day, all I can think about is the horrible number of children who are missing in our nation because of the greed and corruption of our so-called lawmakers.

Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors basketball team, did not control his feelings yesterday about the state of gun control in our nation.

I have to believe that people in the USA will finally say “ENOUGH!” to this madness and enact gun control.

Thank you for reading this “gun control” blog post, here and now.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3522: Gun Control

  1. I can only say that I’m eternally grateful that kids can safely go to school anywhere in Australia and it’s guaranteed they can safely come home as well. There have been ‘no cases’ of school shootings in Australia to date.
    It is heartbreaking for the vulnerable students and their parents and more so for the victims of these massacres, when incidents like today’s tragedy has occurred. Parents the world over feel for them. 💔

  2. Call or write your senator. Use your outrage to take action. Thank you for sharing. This is unacceptable.❤️

  3. I saw the Jim Jeffries video as well – so on point…

  4. I needed to hear this today thank you for sharing it. To have this happen over and over is just ridiculous.

  5. Jeffries makes so many brilliant and funny points and I appreciate his thoughtfulness. When he said he might be in a mental hospital talking to a blank wall, though, that stuck with me because, unfortunately, I feel sometimes that’s what too many of us are doing. We’re not actually talking to blank walls but when we try to talk to politicians or even just gun owners that we know they’re not interested in listening. Still I have hope that younger people who are already doing so much to change the world for the better will be the ones who finally say “Enough.”

  6. yes to all of this. thank you

  7. This is a very powerful post. Would that it could do some good

  8. Of course I’m still aching from Buffalo, so close to my home and where we lost a Syracusan visiting a family member on the tragic day, and now the pain comes from the Texas school too. Thanks for this post, Ann.

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