Day 3417: I am not a bot

I am not a bot and that is why I can blog, share a definition of “bot” in this post …

… and find this online:

Even though I am not a bot, somebody on Twitter reported me as a bot, which I found abot as pleasant as botulism:

I am not a bot, so I noticed the discrepancy between “I suspect she is a bot” and “I have no intention of hurting her feelings.” I also read the referred-to letter from Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal about spotting bots and it was clear from that, too, that I am not a bot, so I blocked that person on Twitter who reported me.

Yesterday, I tweeted this:

People said I could prove that I was not a bot by blocking someone or also by tweeting a photo of myself holding up two fingers, so — again — I am not a bot.

In case you have any remaining doubt about whether I am not a bot, I ask you this: could a bot travel from Boston to the Pacific Northwest and share all these images?

I am not a bot, so I can recognize that the Daily Bitch is uncharacteristically not being a bitch today. Also, I can’t bike to work on National Bike to Work Day because (1) I don’t have a bike and (2) I’m on vacation thousands of miles away from work.

Here is what I find when I search for “I am not a bot” on YouTube:

I am not a bot, so I can express gratitude to all others who are not a bot, including YOU.

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10 thoughts on “Day 3417: I am not a bot

  1. T

    Nope. Not a bot.

  2. Dreamer9177

    You’re a wonderful writer and I enjoy your work. As for Twitter, I’m done there. I recently decided to work on a Kindness lifestyle. All the hatred and negativity there was poisoning me.

  3. I remember discovering a program called ELIZA back when I had my first computer. It was an early bot–apparently it was invented in 1966, and could sort of converse. At one point I swore at it and it replied, “Tell me more about your mother,” which was pretty funny. But I could also tell it was a bot because only a living person would know that was funny.

  4. what bot could tell jokes, play the ute, make up lyrics, and post great content each day? a bot could not even begin to keep up with you.

  5. I found the vibe in my heart and soul to be very spiritual when I sat feet away from the Dalai Lama when he visited Syracuse, Ann.

  6. I can never find all the correct traffic lights, fire hydrants, and stuff. I must be a bot

  7. I love the beach scene with the log out front. I hope you can set aside all thots of bots and enjoy that place undistracted by assholes of any sort!!

  8. I’ve wondered the same thing about bots. How to prove one way or another? And your spiritual place question is a good one. I think for me any ocean time is very spiritual, and then I’d pick Yosemite. But really, all beautiful natural settings offer the same opportunity. 🙂

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