Day 3416: See the good

It’s easy for me to see the good when I spend time with good people like my wonderful friend Maria in good places like Olympia, Washington, where I saw this yesterday:

Olympia, which is the good capital of the good state of Washington (which I knew even though I wasn’t good in Geography) (which reminds me of a good story about when I wrote on a Geography test in Elementary School that the capital of Belgium was Broccoli instead of Brussels) has a good restaurant named Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar.

Our good server, Emma, helped us see what was good on the menu at Chelsea Farms and was good enough to let me take a photo of her good tattoo, which my regular readers will see is good for this blog.

Do you see the good in the other images in today’s post?

The bright sunshine and warmer weather definitely help me see the good on National May Ray Day.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “see the good”:

Thanks to everyone who helps me see and share the good every day, including YOU.

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16 thoughts on “Day 3416: See the good

  1. Some wonderful photos there! So glad you are having fun.

    Today,I am not far from you as I am on the bus to Seattle

    • Really? I’m wondering if we can meet up!

      • Oh, what an amazing idea! But probably not this time as I am overseeing the rewiring of my son’s house (and babysitting grandkids) and then have to return home. No time to continue on a train ride south. But I really would love to meet up sometime, either here or on another coast. I will look for an opportunity.

      • I was actually right outside Seattle for a few days and sent you an email about it — maybe it was an old address?! But let’s try to make this happen in the future.

  2. What an inspiring talk from Lesley Kim!

  3. looks like you are up to so much good in Olympia! I always knew you were and olympian at heart. I see tiny art, signs standing with buffalo and black lives mattering, and a good enough answer on your geography test because it was cute and funny both.

    • Thank you for the good comment, my good friend, and my geography test answer was good enough that I got half credit!

  4. I see so much good here but especially the Pinball Museum. I have to set limits on myself around pinball machines or I’d never stop playing.

  5. Thank you for this fantastic taste of our west coast, Ann.

  6. Debbie T

    I love looking at pictures of chocolate shops.

  7. Such a lot of good in these pictures. Good friends, new and old, good food, good times!

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