Day 3406: Harmonies

Last night, after a two-year COVID delay, I finally got to experience, in person, the incredible musicianship, energy, and harmonies of Jacob Collier in concert. This is how Wikipedia begins the entry on Jacob Collier:

The atmosphere at Boston’s House of Blues last night was filled with harmonies, with the audience in rapt attention, Jacob and his band and crew creating otherworldly harmonies, and no restrictions on photographs or videos! At one point, I did try to capture the exquisite harmonies of a Jacob Collier concert with this video:

I just searched YouTube for “Jacob Collier live audience harmonies” and immediately found this.

The teenage boys behind me in line seemed to know everything about Jacob’s harmonies and they were very impressed when I told them I had seen Miles Davis in Boston in 1969. The guy sitting next to me at the concert, who used to play guitar with Rahsaan Roland Kirk and who sang some great harmonies with me, told me he had seen Jacob twice before and that it was “life changing.” Jacob had so much fun creating harmonies with his amazing band and with us that I got home very late, but I’m ready to create harmonies with the world and at work as soon as I finish the harmonies in this blog post.

I look forward to the harmonies you create in the comments section below and thanks to all who help me create harmonies in this blog every day, including YOU!

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18 thoughts on “Day 3406: Harmonies

  1. Some wonderful photos there, Ann. They harmonize well, just like people.

  2. We could all use a little more harmony.

  3. I feel very much in harmony with Mr. Collier, Justice Ginsburg, and, of course, Joan.

  4. Leon Fairbanks

    Cats, math, and humor. So fine!

  5. Super harmonies!

  6. I love the sound and feel of harmonies of all kinds

  7. Cheers to your magnificent harmonic convergence at the House of Blues, Ann.

  8. I always do appreciate a good cat meme! I hope you had a wonderful time at the performance!

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