Day 3398: Balance

Do you see balance in my images for today?

On balance, I think it’s good to balance Mother’s Day with a day acknowledging those who struggle with infertility.

Last night, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Trevor Noah showed a balance of humor with important truths.

Feel free to balance this post with your comments, below.

I maintain my balance in this world by focusing on gratitude, so thanks to all who visit this blog, including YOU.

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14 thoughts on “Day 3398: Balance

  1. Happy Beltane! May you be blessed with a healthy and productive year.

  2. Happy May Day, Ann, and here’s to Joan’s ability to balance on all sorts of furniture.

  3. Having either a cat or a dog can provide a sense of balance. They provide comfort and companionship and also help maintain the work/life balance. Our dogs especially have a talent for telling me when it’s time to stop work and take them outside.

  4. so many colors, textures, thoughts, questions, and feelings in your blog, always a nice balance. loved the whc dinner repartee. brilliant balance

  5. My balance in this respect is weighed askew – others come first, several times to my own detriment – although much improved as I age.

  6. Lifestyle balance is a challenge. I think perhaps I have more interests than I have time. At least I’m not bored. 🙂

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