Day 3393: Wanna bet?

Over the years, I’ve won cookies and cash by saying “wanna bet?” at propitious times.

When my son Aaron was very young, I said “wanna bet?” to somebody who was very sure about who was playing a jazz tune featured on a local radio station. Aaron tried to warn this person by saying, “Don’t bet with Mama.” However, this guy was so certain that he ignored Aaron and bet me $20.

When he paid up, he delivered the $20 in a beautiful frame that included the legend “Don’t bet with Mama.”

I bet that framed $20 is in a box in the basement right now.

Last night, Aaron, my husband Michael, and I were watching The Great Pottery Throwdown and we were discussing who we thought might be going home. When I looked at what people were planning on making (I’ll bet you wouldn’t guess they had to make urinals, but they did), I got a very strong feeling that one of the best potters was miscalculating her strategy and I said I thought she’d be gone at the end of the episode. Perhaps because I know almost nothing about pottery, Michael strongly disagreed.

I said, “Wanna bet?”

Aaron was concerned I’d be breaking my long streak of successful bets, but I don’t want successes to get in the way of taking risks with potentially big payoffs.

Michael proposed $20 for our bet and we watched the show. It looked very bad for me when the potter in question WON the secondary challenge, but when her urinal leaked, I knew I had won again.

I bet that $20 is in my wallet, right now.

Wanna bet that there will be something about bets in my images for today?

Wanna bet what I’m going to be celebrating today?

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “wanna bet?”

Wanna bet that there will be lots of gratitude at the end of this post for everyone who helps me blog every day, including you?

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16 thoughts on “Day 3393: Wanna bet?

  1. Stan Kosick

    Hi Ann, I subscribe to the Spanish adage saying do not bet more than you can afford to lose. There was a time, I did bet my life- 1988 when I joined the US Army. Since then, I have only focused on what I could afford to lose. In retrospect, I bet time and lost time to never get it back. This is why I believe in the Spanish proverb.

  2. Great you won your bet! Hurrah! xo

  3. Those are very interesting photos! Where is that interesting stone place that looks like it has been used by people as a shelter?

    I will remember not to bet with Mama!

    • That’s near where I work and I’m considering using it for a place to meet for a safe-during-COVID in-person group. We shall see.

  4. The last bet I placed was on the 1967 Grand National. I had a shilling ( five pence) each way on Foinavon and Honey End. They came in first and second and I won over £6.

  5. I’m more suited to gamboling than gambling but I bet I’d like The Great Pottery Throwdown. If I were still taking pottery classes I’d bet that making a urinal would take more time and clay than I’d have in a single class. But you’d win if you bet that I’d be willing to give it a try, and that I’d call it “Dear John”.

  6. I’m not a great gambler to say the least, when in Vegas, I throw money on red or black in a roulette game for one spin and win or lose I walk away. I’ve either doubled my money or lost my money. no in between. at least I can always bet on something interesting in your post each and every day, and that’s a no risk bet.

  7. I’m not a betting woman, but I am willing to gamble on the idea that many eagerly anticipate your clever posts each day, Ann.

  8. The excellent £20 bet story reminds me of one of mine from years ago. One of my Social Work team locked herself out of her car. I suggested she ask the police for help. She didn’t believe they would. I won a 10p bet which I framed and put on my office wall.

  9. I bet that I’d answer no if you ask me ‘Wanna bet?’ Ann. Thanks for this warning!

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