Day 3392: Finding the joy

Because of all the pain and suffering in our world, finding the joy takes a recommitment to do so, every day.

This morning, I’m finding the joy in these images.

I’m going to be finding the joy on National Telephone Day, conducting therapy sessions by phone and in person at the hospital.

Before I try my best finding the joy in Boston traffic, I am joyful to share that I met my goal yesterday of recording a better version of my original song “I Left the House Before I Felt Ready.”


Thanks to all who help me in finding the joy every day, including YOU.

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12 thoughts on “Day 3392: Finding the joy

  1. Love your song! Its so good! ❤

  2. The band I saw play at the library yesterday performed a Sly Stone medley that brought me great joy, Ann! My body moved on its own …

  3. I woke up with joy this morning. I’m in trouble with my wife!

  4. Delightful photo of you and Aaron!

  5. Just a few years ago I finally read Treasure Island and got so much joy out of it I didn’t regret not reading it sooner. Coming here, though, I always find joy, and get an extra amount when you share a song.

  6. I love to find joy in many unexpected places, and the smiles and belly laughs that come. love the update on your song!

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