Day 3387: Insults

Yesterday, on Twitter, somebody I didn’t know posted some weird insults about me, including calling me a “hypocrite.” I considered responding, but decided to ignore and mute them instead.

As I tell people in therapy, the negative tends to stick, so I’m doing my best to completely let go of the insults by sharing thoughts, feelings, quotes, and images with you.

It’s interesting that today is National Lima Bean Respect Day; I assume they often get insults.

This is what I find on YouTube when I search for “insults.”

Thanks to all who’ve read this “insults” post, including YOU!

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17 thoughts on “Day 3387: Insults

  1. Good for you, ignoring the Twitter insult, Ann. Putting yourself out there with your ideas can be a magnet for social media haters who make themselves feel better by getting personal.

  2. It is distressing to hear that someone insulted you on Twitter. I didn’t see that happen because I spend little time on Twitter. When I see your (usually intriguing, quirky, kind or cheerful) tweets, I don’t read people’s responses because there are too many. I’m sorry that somebody was hurtful to you. I think you are a Twitter antidote to that kind of online behavior. So, thank you.

  3. Debbie T

    I identify with the comment about walking away (literally or internet-ly) from someone who is no longer worth my time. That is my strategy for dealing with mean Facebook replies. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how I managed to insult a stranger with (what I thought was) an innocuous remark.

  4. The only wise response

  5. Great response to them! I try to not engage because the few times I have it’s gone nowhere. Using hypnotherapy to heal so much of my “stuff” I’ve seen (and healed) enough of my own inner workings to completely understand that when someone is emotionally activated to the point of throwing insults, the particular insult they use speaks directly to their own (often unknown) issue.

  6. you had the perfect response which is no response. not reason to add kindling to the fire. insults are hard to hear, but I’ve learned over time, it’s almost always the insulter that has the issue, not the target of the insult. thanks for celebrating national garlic day with that amazing meal, no one could insult that! (unless they are a non-pasta-tarian)

  7. You have recapped every positive thing that could rebut a sad, miserable person. Feel for them — they can’t feel better about themselves except to insult others. ~I~ love you and your writing!!!!!!!

  8. When I was young I learned that the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” isn’t true. Words do hurt and even a stranger’s insults can cause harm. But I respond by trying to pass on something positive to others.

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