Day 3386: Important messages

In all of my careers — including marketing communications and psychotherapy — I’ve thought a lot about communcating important messages.

In order to effectively deliver important messages, you need to

  • know your audience and
  • choose clear, strong, passionate, and honest ideas to reach your audience and inspire them to action.

I believe that many important messages are getting lost in all the noise out there and I fear we are running out of time to communicate them effectively.

Do you see important messages in any of my images for today?

Important messages I received from being born with a very unusual heart is that life is short and every day counts.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “important messages.”

I look forward to the important messages that will appear in the comments section, below.

Gratitude is an important message I deliver at the end of every post, so thanks to all who help me deliver the daily messages in this blog, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3386: Important messages

  1. Any folks that trumpet the concept of free speech and then call mainstream media the enemy of the people are a bit confused, I think, Ann.

  2. There are so many important messages that I fell asleep reading them. Perhaps the most important message is to get more sleep!

  3. I see so many messages in your post, important messages of the value of life of all kinds are most prominent

  4. One night when I was home alone I started calling a friend who wasn’t home and leaving long messages on his answering machine about how I felt. By the time I started on the fifth message I realized I felt better. It helps to be heard, and I was, eventually, but sometimes it can be just as helpful just to speak.

    • I’ve told clients they can leave me long phone messages to vent their feelings and they’ve told me that helps, Chris!

  5. You often have an important message in your post. And sometimes in your replies. Do you have a new schedule for responding to comments on your posts? For example once a week rather than every day?

    • It’s not as infrequently as once a week but I’ve been having trouble getting to them every day. Every message is important and I like to give each one the attention it deserves! Thanks for noticing, Maureen.

  6. You ARE an important message, Ann. I love the way you lift us up! 🙂

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