Day 3383: Joining groups

Because I believe so strongly in the healing power of groups, I always encourage joining groups, especially during these times of polarization and isolation.

Do you see joining groups in my group of images today?


Because I’m joining (for the fourth time) the group that feels sick the day after they get a COVID vaccine, the screwing off begins right after I publish this blog post.

Answering my own question about joining a musical group: the Pat Metheny group is what I would join and here they are joining each other beautifully on “Third Wind.”

If you want to be joining the group that comments on this blog, see below.

Joining groups of grateful people is easy for me, so thanks to all who help me post every day, including YOU!

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12 thoughts on “Day 3383: Joining groups

  1. I like the group involved in that Passover dinner, Ann!
    I would have loved to have been a percussionist for Steely Dan, beating on a tambourine or some such on stage with Fagan and Becker during the live tours. OK, twist my arm and I’d have done studio work as well.

  2. Your Seder meal looks so beautiful! I’ve never seen charoseth served so artfully. Due to our guests’ dietary requirements our seder was both vegan and nut-free. I made our charoseth with apples, raisins, coconut and Manischewitz.

    I am glad that you, Aaron and Michael were all together. A Seder together slightly resembles group therapy.

  3. puella33

    Warm wishes for Passover to you and your dear ones, Ann

  4. I’ve joined so many FB groups that I have a hard time getting anything else done. Photography group, sheltie group (x3) Michigan old barns group, water color group. But maybe that’s not the kind of groups you mean. I also belong to a community band, another group of like people. I like groups, it helps to meet people by joining.

  5. first thing i saw was that group of wise sages all on one dresser top

  6. I like being a part of groups, and I’ve missed some of them over the past couple of years. And that first photo of Joan and her “group” is just the best photo. I really laughed at that one. 🙂

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