Day 3391: National Reach As High As You Can Day

On National Reach As High As You Can Day, I continue to have trouble reaching many of the shelves in our cabinets.

I swear this place was designed by very tall people.

As they say, a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, and I sometimes have to ask my man to grasp and retrieve groceries that he puts away out of my reach.

Here’s an explanation of National Reach As High As You Can Day:

I wish I could reach high into that paragraph and change the comma between “ways” and “however” to a semi-colon, but that change exceeds my grasp.

Now I need to reach as high as I can into the images stored on my iPhone, hoping to reach you with these:


On this multi-faceted day, I also want to reach out to my ex-spouse, who reads this blog. Hi, Leon!

I’m reaching way back in time to retrieve “Reach Out Of The Darkness” by Friend & Lover:

If you have any thoughts or feelings about this post, please reach down to the comments section below.

Gratitude is never out of reach, so thanks to all who help me reach my goal of blogging every day, including YOU!

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6 thoughts on “Day 3391: National Reach As High As You Can Day

  1. I’m always reaching for something. I’m just not always sure what it is.

  2. I love that photo of Harley. Barely there Harley.
    Today is my husband’s birthday. So I made two cakes, one for his birthday today, and a vegan cake kosher for Passover for tomorrow. This may be national make two cakes day?

  3. I hope you can train the cats to reach on the top shelf and knock things down for you. be sure to clear the way beforehand.

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